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"If you have ever dwelled in a jungle, you will know how violent a place it is. If you have ever been to an ocean, you will know how violent her waves are. If you have ever climbed a high mountain, you will know how violent the avalanche is. And yet, I find serenity in a jungle, an ocean, or a mountain.  The trick is to find PEACE amidst violence."

"Shirdi Sai Baba and Mahatma Gandhi are among the two biggest Indian saints whose ideologies have been best mocked by their own disciples. Sai Baba always shunned away from material wealth and Gandhi Ji always advocated for non-violence. Today, after their deaths, Sai Baba's followers have put his idol on a golden throne while Gandhi Ji's men gave capital punishment to his assassin."

"The man who first started imitation jewelry business must have understood the inferiority complex of his customers very deeply."

"I am very tiny compared to you. I let my family into ruin to save my career. And you let your career into ruin to save your family."

"When there are many rejections around, a simple acceptance can bring so much joy."

"I thought she loved money,

I started earning;

I thought she loved muscles,

I started building;

I thought she loved brains,
I started reading;
Poor me..."

"You never remembered me; I never forgot you."

"Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day... I envy all these days. I got NO FATHER, NO MOTHER, and NO VALENTINE. But I do have a few crazy friends."

"My native town doesn't have a single bookstall where I can buy some latest fiction; a cinema hall where I can watch the latest movies; a tea stall where I can drink exclusive Assam tea but it, of course, has a local bar association which has more than 240 lawyers. If this is called development then I am really really scared."

"Only a true wanderer finds a true home—the one without walls."

"While at school, moral science was a subject I usually neglected, but now, I feel it was the most important one in the entire curriculum."

"Builders are in charge of building this nation. Now they can film a 'Slumdog Millionaire' from the top of a 117 storeyed building in Mumbai."

"Young sleeps comfortably at night while the old watchmen stay awake to guard them. That's what our bourgeois society has become—absolutely ruthless!"

"Decline in the popularity of Saraswati and rise in the popularity of Durga and Lakshmi proves that modern India yearns for power and money not for art and knowledge."

"This country is screwed beyond repair. Maybe a war can only bring peace now!"

(During Dr. Manmohan Singh's second term as Prime Minister of India)

"If ever the world needed Gods than it is now. Oh Christna, Oh Buddha: where are thou?" 

"In the West, people wear warm clothes in snow-clad areas and bikinis on beaches. In India, people wear bikinis in the freezing Himalayas and fully covered clothes on the beaches. This is the basic difference between India and the West."

"Woman Empowerment: a girl almost knocked me down under her car today, and then, taught me how to walk on the streets of Mumbai."

"I have a gut feeling that I won't survive more than 100 years."

"People wait for the dawn, I wait for the dusk."

"Death has its own limitations!"

"When I die someday, I would like these words to be carved on my grave: I am a fool."

"What is a black hole? Is it the main source of all light?"

"Do I need to meditate in darkness to seek enlightenment? Or do I need to be enlightened to see the darkness—the massive darkness?"

"Let me discover first, and then, I shall describe."

"I feel scared when crows caw at midnight."

"When a genius goes mad, he becomes an ordinary man. When an ordinary man goes mad, he becomes a genius."

"I must have thought of ending my life a dozen times but each time that fantastic Mr. Hope came and rescued me."

"There is a stark difference between I want to win and I don't want to lose. The former is about fearlessness while the latter is full of fear."

"When did you last look at the sky? When did you last see the stars? If your roof is stopping you then come to the open ground."

"Crisis has a plus side too: it unveils the mask which many of your relatives and friends have been wearing for long."

"Many say I am immature because they think I have a child in me. I say I am better than those matured ones who have killed the child in them."

"You hate me because I love you. But isn't this a paradox?"

"If I wouldn't have loved you, you wouldn't have hated me. You hate me only because I love you. But, isn't this a strange paradox?"

"In all these years, I have learned to live without you but the truth is—I still miss you!"

"If loving you is foolishness then I prefer to remain a fool forever."

"There is always a mysterious energy transmitting between us which is far more overpowering than our words. Only, we both are not wise enough to recognize it."

"There must be some bad qualities in you too. But, I only know your good qualities. I never got the chance to know your bad qualities. And, yet I love you so much. Perhaps that's why the wise say: love is blind."

"Your silence is not actually silence. You talk to me every day, only you don't use words."

"Why do you think I love you? Is it because you are rich, beautiful, and intelligent? No! I love you because you are not rich, not beautiful, and not intelligent."

"If she needs dark glasses to look into your eyes then my dear friend you don’t have to tell me: who betrayed whom!"

"Misery has taught me two precious arts: to cry and to laugh. To laugh in its presence and cry at its absence."

"My happiest moment: when she came back to me;

my saddest moment: when she went back again."

"I've genuinely lost interest in cricket because cricket has genuinely lost interest in genuine fast bowling."

"Life is like cricket: if you wait with sincerity and dedication, you'll be one day rewarded with the greatest victory of your life even if it takes 21 long years."

(on Sachin Tendulkar winning the world cup cricket)

"The FIFA World Cup reminds us that the world is not just America; Ghana also exists !"

"Soccer isn't a game wherein you can show TV commercials every 5 minutes."

"How can so much of love and so much of hatred co-exist in the same land? I'm flabbergasted."

(during a visit to Afghanistan)

"If Gandhi would have been born in Afghanistan, could he have still become a Mahatma?"

"Triumph of art over politics. Iranian film wins an American award."

(On Iranian film 'A Separation' winning an Oscar)

"Most people found a place in history while trying to rewrite geography."

"Sound of a rooster is so authoritative and yet so melodious at the same time."

"Too much of sugar in my blood makes me a sweet person."

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Sanjib   Dey 

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