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"A whole new Indian cinema of impressive emotional power. A wild world full of archaic survival battles and cruel realities emerges from the eye of the beholder and does not let go so easily after the end of the film"

- International Film Festival Mannheim Heidelberg, Germany


“The visuals are so interactive, subtitles are not needed at times”

– Mathrubhumi, India


 "Local heart, Global Soul"

- The Hindu, India


"The first part reminds of Shekhar Kapur's Bandit Queen" 

- Tribune-Herald, South Africa


 "A long overdue film that is set In Northeast India" 

- Huffington Post


"An amazing feat in film making. Untold stories of a largely unknown region of the world. A traumatised place but one whose humanity shines in the film"

- Kiru Naidoo, Film Critic, South Africa.


“The film has enabled viewers to have a better understanding of people's lives and social issues in the North East India"

-  Ren Yisheng, Consul General of Republic of China, Thailand


"The movie was excellent, all three stories - though so different – were equally powerful"

-Colin Furst, Consul of United States of America, Thailand


"This film came as a big surprise, since I have so far only watched the typical Bollywood blockbusters"

- Nikolaus Prachensky, Honorary Consul of Austria, Thailand


"III Smoking Barrels was for me an immersion into an unknown reality"

- Nuno Caldera D Silva,  Honorary Consul of Portugal, Thailand


"Incredible! this first-time filmmaker, surpasses most of the veterans in this country, by his sheer skill in piercing your dark, untouched nerves..camerawork, gets better and better..and in the last story, has recreated the smell of the jungle! ITS A MUST WATCH! Slimeebongcinema has never seen anything as raw and wild as this in the last half-century!” 

– Ranjan Palit, National Award Winning Cinematographer

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Sanjib   Dey 

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